What if I told you there was a way to solve some of your most complex organizational problems, and even enjoy doing so? That’s where KG comes in—we help people solve their hardest problems. It’s our passion.

Every organization has faced tough problems—risk, leadership, strategy, culture, decision-making, you name it. The common thread is that these issues require change, whether it’s a minor course correction or a major pivot. Choosing positive change, and capturing maximum value while managing the inherent risks and biases, is the single most important decision any organization will make.

KG brings some of the most experienced problem-solvers from the global special operations arena together to help clients solve change management issues in a way that’s creative and high impact, yet minimizes risk. Using tools and techniques honed through careers in the world’s most complex, dynamic, and high-stress environments, we help people and businesses achieve their goals and realize their potential. We focus on change leadership—our own blend of leadership, strategy, culture, and execution—and risk advisory services, because not changing, enacting the wrong changes, or not getting buy-in at key levels of the organization will prove to be the biggest risk most companies will ever face. Let’s talk about the change your company faces, and how we can help.

Karakoram Group is comprised of some of the most seasoned Special Operations professionals in the country, distinguished veterans from elite organizations that led the fight on the front lines of the Global War on Terror.

Today, we’re one team, and our mission is to pass on those lessons we learned the hard way, to put our unmatched skills in complex problem solving, leadership, and team building in the Special Operations arena to work for businesses and business leaders across the country and around the globe.

Karakoram Group. Performance, by design.

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The Gaming & Hospitality Active Threat & Crisis Management Symposium

April 30- May 1, 2018

The Park MGM Las Vegas, formerly the Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, NV