Proactive Risktech for an unpredictable world
Enterprise security risk management (ESRM) software and beyond
WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO PREDICT THE FUTURE. Protect your assets and gain the advantage
Comprehensive, easy to use risk & security technology that supports FAST informed decisions.

Predict and Monitor
Ingest and centralize diverse threat and risk data. Know how it impacts your people, places, things and business goals. Cut through the noise to see what’s coming.
Manage in real time
Get a seat at the strategy table with insights and customized reporting that will improve enterprise performance, efficiency and resilience.
Risk Reporting and Insights
Easily identify, track and communicate with all of your assets in one place. Make better informed decisions in rapidly changing environments and during a crisis.

Alpha Recon is disrupting the way companies understand and manage total risk with powerful, easy to use, and comprehensive web and mobile software that provides real business ROI. The first holistic, asset-relevant, comprehensive, and timely ESRM solution. AR uses machine learning and AI to help leaders make the best business decisions while protecting what matters.
Easily make diverse threat data actionable in one place and stay ahead of risk on your own terms.

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The Gaming & Hospitality Active Threat & Crisis Management Symposium

April 30- May 1, 2018

Park MGM Las Vegas, formerly the Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, NV