The Gaming & Hospitality Active Threat & Crisis Management Symposium

Prepare * Respond * Recover

April 30 – May 1, 2018

The Park MGM Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Formerly the Monte Carlo

About The Event

The world we live in will only grow in uncertainty. The use of terror tactics is on the rise. Yet most security experts are armed with only a handful of linear checklists and status-quo tactics aimed at yesterday’s threats.

As leaders of enterprises in which hundreds of thousands of people walk through each year, concern for their well-being and safety as well as your employees, not to mention your brand, is imperative. Great leaders lead and don’t shy away from uncertainty or the complexity it engenders. Instead they embrace it by taking the steps needed to ensure every measure imaginable has been taken to circumvent a catastrophic event from occurring.   

NNE Group is proud to have the opportunity to partner with a group of men whose mission is to pass on lessons learned the hard way, and put their unmatched skills in complex problem solving, leadership and team building in the Special Operations arena to work for businesses and leaders across the country and globe within the gaming and hospitality industries.

We have partnered with Tomahawk Strategic Solutions who is one of the country’s leading training and advisory firms for both corporate and law enforcement in the areas of Proprietary Armed Security Program Development and Instruction, Active Threat and Crisis Management.  Tomahawk’s personnel include Special Forces operators, corporate security experts, SWAT/ESU/Patrol officers (retired and active) hand-selected for their specialized skills and experience, as well as combat and civilian medics.

The company is led by:

Michael Biller

Michael Biller

President/Chief Operating Officer

Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

Keith Walawender

Keith Walawender

Chief Executive Officer

Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

In addition, we have partnered with Karakoram Group.

Karakoram is comprised of some of the most seasoned Special Operations professionals in the country, distinguished veterans from elite organizations that led the fight on the front lines of the Global War on Terror. They fuse cutting-edge design thinking with proven strategy and leadership development practices to treat risk and drive innovation-and bottom line performance- in the global security arena. Their clients are those businesses and business leaders who are anything but content.

Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper

Co-Founder/Chief Security Officer

Karakoram Group

Command Master Chief of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

Who Should Attend:

Gaming Executives & Owner Operators
Directors of Security
Human Resources Directors
Facility Managers
Directors of Operations
Security Practitioners (operational and infosec/cyber) across the public and private sectors
Enterprise Security Risk Management Executives
Architects & Engineers

Homeland Security Professionals
Law Enforcement Professionals
Business Leaders
Security Consultants
Security/Law Enforcement Instructors
Security Service Providers
Brand Protection Experts
Security Trainers


The Park MGM Las Vegas

Formerly the Monte Carlo

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(888) 529-4828

Room Rate: $105

Cut-Off Date: 3/28/18


For Property Owners, Enterprise Executives and Security Directors

Standard Rate


For Professionals

Standard Rate



Producers Note: Over the past three years NNE Group has been presenting various panels on Active Shooters/Catastrophic Events at our Gaming Industry related events. Eleven months ago, NNE Group teamed up with Tomahawk Strategic Solutions and Karakoram Group to provide our delegates in the gaming industry a much more in-depth look into the importance of top level security assessments, planning and trainings available. At the request of many within the industry we decided to organize an event specifically designed around the security of gaming and hospitality enterprises.

Today is October 12, 2017, just eleven days after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. The original agenda was written several months ago and as with all conferences, even more so with this agenda will change each day leading right up to the event to provide a forum of the most up to date topics.

No one could have ever accurately predicted the events of almost two weeks ago and as the weeks and months pass, more information will come to light and we will try to incorporate as much as we can into our panels, speakers, topics and Roundtable Discussions to learn as much as possible from this horrific event.

Monday, April 30th , 2018

7:30-8:30am   Registration & Breakfast in the Exhibit Room

8:30-8:35am   Welcoming Remarks

Justin O’Connor

Justin O’Connor

President, NNE Group

8:35-8:45am   Title Sponsors Opening Remarks

Keith Walawender

Keith Walawender

CEO, Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

Michael Biller

Michael Biller

President & COO, Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

David Cooper

David Cooper

President, Karakoram Group

Command Master Chief of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Retired)

8:45-9:15am   Keynote

9:15-10:15am   Risk Assessment of Your Casino: How Spending More Time Improving Your People and Processes and Not Just Assessing Them will Help Make a Crisis Much More Manageable.

  • Casinos like most public venues are “soft targets” making them extremely vulnerable. The best
    opportunity to control an event is before it happens.
  • The importance of understanding the four foundational elements of security are people, processes,
    policies and systems.
  • Experiential training, or any training for that matter, is an investment in the safety and security of your
    organization. As leaders within the hospitality industry we look for our employees to represent
    themselves at their best at all times, do we truly understand the benefits of our people feeling both
    empowered and confident? What does it mean to the overall culture of the company simply offering
    both tactical and psychological tools to help your people survive a hostile event?
  • What are the various steps needed to conduct a thorough assessment such as interviews, surveys,
    policy studies vs the industry norms?
  • Understanding risk mitigation strategies and capabilities based assessments for implementation of a
    proper plan.
  • What physical elements of your property need to be reviewed and why?

10:15-10:45am   Morning Break in the Exhibit Room

10:45-11:45am   Corporate Active Threat Training: Understanding the Threat is Training; the First Responders are Training, are You?

  • Does your training account for essential factors such as the average response time of law enforcement
  • Have you provided instruction for employees to self-sustain until first responders address the threat?
  • How up to date are you and your employees when it comes to modern and emerging threat dynamics
    used by today’s terrorists?
  • This panel will consist of subject matter experts in law enforcement response methods and current
  • You will also walk away from this panel with an understanding that there are no boxed training
    programs as each corporation’s culture and environment determine the factors that are needed to tailor
    a program accordingly, especially while not interrupting the workflow of customer experience in the
    hospitality/gaming industry.

11:45-12:30pm   Best Practices & Proactive Approaches to Avoiding Workplace Violence

  • Recent incidents around the world drastically illustrate that no one is immune to the possibility of an
  • Conducting a violence risk assessment: what are the latest tools available to corporate security
    professionals to evaluate the risk of violence in the workplace?
  • What to look for psychologically: preventing, identifying and reacting to the signs of a potential threat.
  • Is your organization management trained to identify behavioral concerns in employees which could
    lead them to conduct an act of violence in the workplace?
  • Is it the responsibility of the company to prepare its employees how to act in the event of an
    emergency? Do you have a violence prevention program in place?
  • This panel will go over the importance of making sure that your organization’s personnel understand
    the protocol to increase their chance of survival in the event of an active shooter or similar threat.

12:30-1:30pm   Lunch in the Exhibit Room

1:30-2:15pm   Pre-screening and Background Checks

  • What are your organization’s legal rights when requiring background checks or pre-screenings?
  • Are background checks part of your organization’s on-boarding/hiring process?
  • Many organizations have initiated the use of personality assessments as a tool to maintain a positive
    workplace; what assessments are available, what can an organization learn from a personality assessment
    and how accurate are they?

2:15-3:00pm   What is the Best Way to Substantially Decrease Your Legal Liability if an Incident, such as an Active Shooter, Was to Happen?

  • Know your rights: abide to OSHA’s rules and regulations to reduce violations.
  • Legal environment of business: assume all potential employers understand the legalities within a
    company to dismiss potential OSHA infractions.
  • Enroll into a course where legalities of a workforce are discussed including discrimination, harassment
    and human resources processes.
  • Does your company have prevention strategies in place to ensure the safety of your staff?
  • Does your company have a termination protocol?
  • Your liability is to protect your employees—do you have the proper employee training and equipment
    to diffuse an act of violence in your organization?

3:00-3:30pm   Afternoon Break in the Exhibit Room

3:30-5:00pm   Security Experts Roundtable:
In the Wake of the Recent Shooting at Mandalay Bay and Last Year’s Bombing in Manchester, What Additional Security Protocols have been Created and Lessons Learned Help Ensure Live Entertainment Venues are More Secure?

  • Law enforcement typically controls access to high spaces during major political events. Will this lead
    other major outdoor events to now require employing additional security to monitor buildings for
    sniper fire or restrict access to rooftops?
  • Will hotel patrons need to become more accustomed to being scrutinized by security officially by the
    amount, size and shape of their luggage?
  • We all dislike waiting on the long lines to go through airport security; however, it ensures our safety
    and those around us. Should similar procedures be put in place at large events.
  • This panel will go over the latest technologies such as baggage screening, metal detectors, K9 patrols
    and the latest research available to ensure your patrons have a safe time and enjoyable time.
  • Borders need to be made at major events and those permitted to enter should be searched. What effect
    could more invasive measures have on overall event participation?

5:00pm   Day 1 Concludes

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

7:30-8:30am   Registration & Breakfast in the Exhibit Room

8:30-9:30am   Security Directors Roundtable: As Threats Increase so should your Budget. Right?

  •  With the growing number of threats such as an active shooter event, it’s important to stress to senior
    management why security needs a sufficient budget to provide education to employees and advanced
    technology to prevent an act of terror from occurring.
  • How to sell your security program to senior management: learn how to perfect your selling skills to
    obtain a budget that will allow you to heighten the security in your organization.
  • Budget for security programs or drill like activities to ensure employers can handle and dismiss
    dangerous situations.
  • As a Security Director are you satisfied with the level of training you can provide your security staff?
  • Rookie police officers come out of the academy with over 500 hours of training while most of the
    nation’s casino security guards have under 30!
  • Since the Mandalay Bay event has management been more amenable to an increased security budget?
    What are the major areas still being underfunded?

9:30-10:30am   How a Positive Workplace Environment Can Prevent Workplace Violence

  • It’s all about relationships: a positive workplace will generate internal positivity; this leads to a great
  • Studies show that people who enjoy their jobs live happier lives. These people radiate positivity,
    diminishing any violence or negativity in the workplace.
  • An imperative way to effectively deal with workplace violence is to find the root causes and the signs of
    the violence.

10:30-11:00am   Morning Break in the Exhibit Room

11:00-12:00pm   Armed Security Training

  • With increasing numbers of active shooter and terrorist threats, armed security and/or armed personnel are becoming an essential element of modern-day security.
  • Does your organization allow security personnel to carry firearms on the premise?
  • Is there a policy in place to reduce the liability for institutions or individuals carrying a firearm?
  • What qualifies an individual to safely carry a firearm and potentially aid in a response?
  • This panel will cover a full spectrum and educate participants in the proper procedures to take to help ensure the safety of their employees while greatly reducing their liability.

12:00-1:00pm   Lunch in the Exhibit Room

1:00-1:45pm   One of the Greatest Strengths within the Gaming Industry is it Arguably Leads all other When it Comes to the use of Surveillance Systems.

  • How can these systems be used in advance to help detect a potential hostile situation?
  • Is the casino’s surveillance staff trained to assist first responders or law enforcement in using this equipment to help put an end to an armed intruder event or even an active shooter?
  • Casinos like most public venues are “soft targets” making them extremely vulnerable. However, many will say casinos and gaming facilities have an even greater number of security challenges from large crowds, huge sums of cash, strict compliance issues, extensive physical property and assets not to mention most are open 24 hours a day and heavily promote if not offer the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

1:45-2:30pm   Addressing the Act at Hand: How to Respond to the Public’s Reaction of an Incident via Social Media

  • Today the world is at our fingertips, and terrorist attacks occurring around the world are posted online within seconds. Learn how to portray your company in a professional manner by addressing the public calmly after a devastating event.
  • What is the appropriate timeline your organization should follow to respond to a situation, and how frequently should you provide updates in order to connect with the public and dismiss guarded thoughts?
  • How much information should be given at the appropriate time to not negatively affect business operations?

2:30-3:00pm   Afternoon Break in the Exhibit Room

3:00-3:45pm   Corporate Emergency Medicine: If Protocols Fail to Prevent an Incident, are Your Employees Prepared to save Themselves and Others Until EMS Arrive?

  • Go above and beyond when adhering to OSHA’s national standards by training employees to save themselves and their coworkers with Emergency Medicine skills.
  • Eliminate deaths and serious injuries by having knowledgeable employees who can assert various situations and the care that needs to be provided.
  • Knowing how to use a First Aid Kit is one thing, knowing how to dismiss a situation with readily accessible resources is another. This panel will help explain how simple everyday objects can save lives.
  • This vital panel will not only strengthen office operations and its safety but will leave potential victims protected and thankful for their workplace.

3:45-4:15pm   How Do You Help Your Employees to Recover Not Just Physically but Mentally & Emotionally After an Incident?

  • Managing victim fear: how mental health professionals might be necessary to aid in employee recovery after an act of violence occurs in the workplace.
  • Make sure employees are prepared for anything that can occur in a workplace by hiring a professional to help with different stages and situations within a company.
  • Provide support by holding meetings with executives and those injured, altering the workplace’s interior to diminish negative memories and allowing a leave of absence to recover.
  • Training provides knowledge, knowledge is power and aides in recovery.

4:15-5:00pm   The Effect a Catastrophic Act of Violence can have on your Brand

  • As industry leaders it is imperative to plan for the inevitable. Without a doubt preservation of life is first and foremost to everyone. However, and this may sound morbid but asset protection comes in a close second but the fact remains in many cases thousands of people livelihoods depend of their jobs therefore the operation needs to survive.
  • And third is for a casino to resume normal operations as quickly as possible. As we have seen at Mandalay Bay such a tragedy will of course disrupt operations. Are there steps that can be taken to avoid a prolonged closure?
  • Immediately your brand will suffer but long term what can an isolated incident hopefully never to the scale as we just witnessed have on your business?
  • Whether a Vegas property or a Tribal owned gaming property chances are consumers have options in the area. How does one get past such an incident, do they? With many Native American Tribes heavily relying on gaming revenues to provide basic services for their people this could be even have a more devastating effect if they were unable to recover.
  • How does an industry who spends billions of dollars on security measures keeping an eye on the money exchanging hands factor into the budget the additional expenditure it needs to spend on proper training in hopes of possibly preventing an incident vs praying it’s not us?

5:00pm   Conference Concludes


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