NNE GROUP Preferred Speakers

NNE GROUP featured speakers come from all over the globe. Both inspiring and informative, our featured speakers bring a range of expertise and insights to every event we host. Learn more about our featured speakers below.

Jim Stroker

Speaker Bio

Jim Stroker is a Coach with NNE Leadership Solutions Group and has over 30 years of experience within the New Jersey Public School System as a sports coach as well as a wellness educator. Jim’s wellness program has been cited as one of the nation’s best and he was recently inducted into the New Jersey Coach Hall of Fame. Jim is also the creator of “Inspirational Hotline”, a morning message delivered to 700 students. Jim has been using his unique gift to craft and deliver motivational and educational keynote seminars that resonate with audiences ranging from Fortune 500 CEO’s to thousands of high school students throughout the country, as well as Nonprofits, Military, Gaming Associations, Healthcare Practitioners and Native America. Some of Jim’s Keynote topics include: How to reduce anger and conflict through example, strategies for embedding a culture of gratitude within your organization and how gratitude can impact daily performance and behavior. Jim also speaks about managing and deepening emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to train employees on powerful reactions to difficult situations.

I’ve participated in team member rallies for over 20 years with my company, Caesars Entertainment.  From time to time, we have guest speakers.  Usually, we get a few comments from the team, such as, “nice speaker…thanks for having the speaker, etc.”.  But with Coach Stroker, it was different.  It has been over a week since we had Coach join us for our mid-year rally and I’m still getting favorable comments from the team.  Coach spoke to the team about the 5 G’s …Gratitude, Good, Grit, Generosity, and Going for it.  Coach has an amazing gift of storytelling in a way that connects the story to each member of his audience.  His story becomes your story and your story his.  The team left this rally inspired and ready to conquer the world, or at least our little slice of it.  Thanks Coach!

Robert Livingston

Regional President and GM, Harrah Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino

One of the most motivating men I’ve ever heard speak!

Keith Walawender

CEO at Tomahawk Strategic Solutions , US Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator, Retired

Thousands of children and adults in my community have been lucky enough to learn from and be inspired by Jim Stroker over his career as an educator, coach, and friend. The positive energy he brought to his community was not only contagious, it was backed up with clear action. Whether he was teaching his students how to engage in all levels of wellness (personal, physical, and mental) or inspiring our parents and teachers to give beyond themselves, he was always able to better his community. At the core of his action is a selflessness meant to inspire a connection to community and family that can truly be transformative. The world is a lucky place to have Coach Stroker bringing his energy and philosophy of selfless wellness to others, and help a disconnected world be a little more connected. It is a credit to his power as a leader that his inspirational hotline, fitness self-care, yoga, and service projects have continued since he left our community. I know he will have the same affect on those he works with in the future, and the world will be a more positive place.

Tony Orsini

Principal, Benjamin Franklin Middle School

Jim Stroker is a man of passion and conviction. As a teacher and coach, he has positively affected thousands of lives. Personally, Jim has coached my son and me over two generations and we are grateful for the impact he has had on our lives. In his current role as a motivational speaker, Jim inspires all who listen to him through his online videos and live presentations. He has an ability to enable one to tap into their full potential and proceed with the utmost courage and passion with whatever challenge they face. After listening to and working with Jim, you will feel empowered to face the world.

Thomas Gorman

Principal, Ridgewood High School

I have witnessed many motivational speakers, Jim Stroker is the best I have ever seen. Jim captivates his audience through personal testimonial and life lessons. Mr. Stroker uses his coaching background and vocal inflection to deliver a powerful, thought provoking message. I would recommend “Coach” to engage groups of any size of any organization that is looking for speakers that make an impact!

Scott Ehnes

Executive Director, Hemophilia of Indiana

Jim Stroker spoke with our 10th graders on October 5, 2017, during New Jersey’s Week of Respect. His theme was the four R’s. Firstly, he had a wonderful presence and introduced himself to all the adults and the students with a firm handshake and a genuine smile. I felt he held the student’s attention the whole time by weaving personal stories and information into his presentation. Jim is very active while giving his presentation, walked around, and used the stage to express his commitment to his content, which I thought was very effective. Unfortunately, some of our athletes had to leave early for another presentation and I saw some of them standing at the door of the auditorium until the last second they had to leave hanging on his every word. I thought he would be good to bring back for some of our other grades. In general, I was impressed with his delivery and content and thought it was extremely on target for our needs and what we spoke to him about prior to him coming to Tenafly. I would highly recommend him for other schools.

Tara A. Augustine, LCSW

Chief Operations Officer, Care Plus NJ, Inc.


National General Manager & Casino Executive Exchange

Jim Stroker’s seminar was a great reminder of why I do what I do. He is very passionate about his subject matter and clearly wants to share that with his audience.

Denise Abrahamson

HR Director, Spokane Tribal Enterprises

Jim is very motivational and uplifting, and he provided tips on improving your own and your workplace attitude.

Karen Derry

Economic Developer/Operations Manager, Karuk Community Development Corporation

Coach Jim Stroker is an inspiration!  His attitude, outlook, and strategies for living a positive and meaningful life regardless of challenging circumstances are uplifting!  We highly recommend him as a speaker, and are looking forward to having him come back to our school again and again!

Dr. Katie Kashmanian

Principal, George Washington Middle School

Jim Stroker has helped our team at Mercedes-Benz to focus on gratitude and positivity. Through breathing, simple yoga moves and inspirational wisdom he guides us into a positive space. Coach Stroker helps us to understand that we can lead ourselves positively every day by exhibiting humility and grace. He’s made a difference in our ability to appreciate every single day.

Karen Matri

Department Manager, Customer Advocacy, Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC